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Case Studies

If I want to look after my wealth in retirement, where do I start?

Wish list

  • Capital security is important
  • Don't like the thought of losing capital
  • Need money and capital for nursing home fees in the long term
  • Need a plan to give security of capital, a robust income stream, ability to forecast and a review process
  • Would like for me and my wife to sleep at night


  • My share capital has lost 32% in three months
  • 95% of my total assets are taxable. Only 5% are tax free
  • 30% of my total liquid assets are exposed to bank risk
  • I have an all or nothing approach to investment risk, i.e. very low investments in the bank or very high investments in shares. I don't know what I don't know!
  • A further £63,000 capital is expected to be lost over the next 2 to 6 years in order to plug my income gap
  • My average return on bank capital is just 0.2%
  • The national average inflation factor is 0.1%. My personal inflation factor is 1.7%

Solutions / Outcomes

  • £134,400 of unused tax free investment allowances identified
  • Ongoing tax free investment strategy designed
  • Investment strategy designed for short, medium and long term
  • Removed the exposure to bank risks so that all investments are within the FSCS limits
  • In 5 years' time the amount of assets that are taxable = 83% and tax free = 17%
  • My wife and I are now able to sleep at night!
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