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Trentham Invest Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Trentham Invest reaches another major milestone with a celebration of 10 Years in Business. Having started the company back in April 2003, Nicola Downs, business owner, has built the business from scratch.


Nicola began with just one client, and step by step has nurtured it to where it is today!


Nicola has also built a strong brand and inherent culture of business and client excellence throughout the company. This has been the foundation on which the company has been able to weather all financial climates during a decade of turbulence.


pictureI have had no problem in recommending Nicola to others. Nicola did a great job for me at the time of my retirement, demystifying the whole issue of my pension, getting the very best out it; more than my own pension fund were able or willing to do.

I have had absolute confidence in her from the beginning and nothing has changed ever since. She has good skills, good personal skills and exudes confidence. That's very important.

Kevin Rose


pictureI've been with Trentham Invest for three or four years and I wouldn't go anywhere else for my financial advice. I would recommend Nicola to anybody because one thing you learn in life is whether there really is such a thing as an independent financial adviser - and I didn't think that they existed - and I do now, because I think Nicola is absolutely independent. I'm very much taken by her honesty and integrity, making it suit me as a person. If I have got questions I can pick up the phone at any time and talk to her. I couldn't ask for more. There is such a thing as an independent adviser and Nicola is it.

Martin Wright


pictureThis is finite for me now. The money I have is the money I have and it's got to last me who knows how long. I feel much more confident. I also feel that I will be dealing with someone who I may ask the daft question, but who I feel will give me a straight answer, and if I don't understand I can say again I've not understood.

Alison Hynes


pictureI was very happy to form Nicola's company ten years ago and to see it flourish is absolutely marvellous. The size it is today, the commitment of clients she's got, the client base and the fund base; I think it's quite remarkable.

I think her (Nicola's) work ethic is stunning and I've seen it over ten years and I think she deserves all her success.

James Harman, Accountant to Trentham Invest


pictureWe are a big business, involved with a lot of people. However, you rarely see the passion, the determination and the absolute vision of where Nicola and her business is going. Underneath it all is a really strong heart with a very clear idea of what matters. It's been really impressive.

As often is the case a leader imposes values. Here is a leader who employs people who have the same values as she. She doesn't inculcate them but actually looks at them at outset and says 'ok, does this person have these values and if so, can we work together'.

Peter Mann, Vice Chairman, Old Mutual


I would like to thank you for inviting me to the Trentham Invest 10th anniversary. It was a very enjoyable occasion for me knowing how hard it is too survive to the first 10 years. It's not for the faint hearted. Congratulations Nicola!

I must say it was my first time visiting Wotton House and I was very much impressed with the venue room. It was magnificent and a very good choice. I must also say that your hospitality was superb as always. The team and the attending staff were so very attentive.

I did very much enjoy your speech and I feel that the I know the real Nicola just a little better. It was a speech from the heart.

Brian Munday, Alliance Security Ltd


Thank you so much for the event, we very much enjoyed it, and it is a tribute to you and the team, that the company has been so successful.

I'm sorry to admit that, with the help of Vicki, Noreen and I have liberated two of your fluffy moles for our grandchildren. I do hope you think they are going to a good home in Cheriton Bishop.

Once again our thanks for an enjoyable evening.



Thank you very much to you, Vicki and others of your staff for a very pleasant evening last night at Wotton House.

The venue is magnificent, as was the catering, the "goody" bags and of course the presentations!

I trust that the business will continue to expand over the next decade, but this is an awfully long time to wait for another "bash" - perhaps 15 years!

Thanks to you all for a most pleasant and interesting evening.

Ian and Patience

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