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Client Events - Mole Party
Trentham Invest main stream and specialist subject area is pensions. Therefore A-Day was a very special day for Trentham Invest because that was when all the old pension rules and paraphernalia disappeared and the new one size fits all came into effect.

pictureThanks very much for the other evening – most enjoyable! 

Ken Claridge


pictureA big thank you for inviting me to your A-Day Party last week. A very generous gesture and very much appreciated and I am sure a winner in terms of the development of your business…

James Terry


pictureWell done on Thursday – very generous party, beautifully organized and much appreciated.

Tony Gauvain

Click here to read a copy of Nicola's speech


pictureThanks for a great evening last week. Went really well and still enjoying the sweets!

Mike Debens


Thank you for us all – Andrew, Jenny, Fiona and myself for a most superb evening last Thursday. What excellent hospitality! Wishing you the very best for the future. 

Chris McFarlane


Thank you from Hugh, Joan and myself for a most enjoyable evening last Thursday. We wish Trentham Invest well for the future.

Richard Evans


Just a note to thank you and Vicki for an enjoyable evening at The White Horse. It was a very pleasant surprise to have won the voucher for the Virtual Golf Academy and I am sorry that I had to leave the celebrations early so as not to receive the prize in person.  With best wishes.

David Wheeler


pictureThank you and well done! That was an excellent party just now, and it was a pleasure to toast your well deserved success. Onwards and upwards from here…Very best wishes.

Chris Shipley


Thank you very much for the excellent event. You got across your brand and your personality as well as what you do as a business. It was very relaxed and great fun.

Eric Norman-Walker


Thank you for inviting me to your Reception at the White Horse last Thursday, I had a very enjoyable time. It was good to see how well attended the event was and also very well organized.

Claire Wiltshire


pictureThank you for such a lovely ‘A’ day evening. It really was quite something special.

Jan Richards


Just a note to thank you very much indeed for a fantastic post A-Day party last week. It was great to see you and to catch up with a number of your guests! Best wishes for the future.

Gary Proudlock


Thank you for a wonderful evening last night. The three of us really enjoyed ourselves.

Andrew & Lizzy Eaves & Emma Seager


A big thank you for a really good evening. Wendy has now scoffed ALL her chocolates but I am saving mine for when I retire…good planning learnt from working with you! Also really impressed with the Mini-Cooper but loathe to consume the Scotch as not keen on drinking and driving. Looking forward to seeing the report and working on the next stage of the planning.

David & Wendy Lloyd


It was tremendous to see a number of your clients there paying respects to your assistance and help over the last few months. I am sure that leading up to A-Day you were extraordinarily busy and I trust that everything has gone extremely well.

Robert Frith


I would very much like to convey my thanks for the kind hospitality you showed Brian at your function yesterday. I know he enjoyed meeting you and your family. Once again thank you.

Brian Munday


pictureJan and I just wanted to let you know we really enjoyed last night’s celebrations. We spoke to a few people (including John and Cathy of course!) and had a great time. Thank you so much for the ‘goody bags’ – pads and pens to keep the shopping lists going forever!! Thanks again for all the hard work you obviously put into it and look forward to working with you for MANY years to come.

Richard & Jan Punnett


pictureThank you for inviting us to your party at ‘The White Horse’ last Thursday. We enjoyed it very much. We hope your business goes from success to success and that you never forget the ‘ordinary people’ as I’m sure you won’t. Very best wishes.

Carole Brough & James Fuller


Brilliant goody bag…shared it out in the office.

Brian Munday (Jnr)


Once again thank you for inviting us to your party which we thoroughly enjoyed. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Cathy & John Beach

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