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Client Events - 5th Anniversary Party

Trentham Invest celebrate their 5 year milestone. Having started the company in April 2003 Nicola has built a brand and culture in her local community that reflects those values that are so important to her; formerly to do what is right for her clients. She believes in “Rising above products, policies and promotions… Our purpose is to use our professional expertise, business experience and life wisdom to help clients to meet those objectives that have the deepest meaning to them. That is what we stand for here!! And money is simply one of the tools we use to help you get there”.


pictureThanks for a great evening last night. I really enjoyed it and felt your efforts were reflected in a fun time had by all.

Eric Norman-Walker, Skandia


pictureThanks for your hospitality last evening, it was good to get a flavour of Trentham Invest.

James Poole


pictureJust a line to thank you for your company party and to congratulate you on all your efforts getting to where you are. I was very moved by your speech, as were others I spoke to, and it demonstrated the degree of your sincerity – so well done, if I may say so, and my very best wishes for another successful 5 years (and more!)

Tony Gauvain


pictureClick here to read Nicola’s speech


pictureI am so glad the party went so well given all the hard work you put into the evening. It was good to meet and talk to some of your clients as well, they all seemed very nice and certainly enjoyed the evening.

Jason Drewett, Fidelity International


pictureJust a thank you for a most enjoyable evening last week.

It is most refreshing to go to a function that is very well organized, with a clear purpose that is well delivered and with a team of all stars as backup.

The planning was so thorough and meticulous that I suspected you of pressing a button to prompt the intruder to burst through the door on cue.

Congratulations for all that you have achieved and for being recognized as world class by your clients and by people who are experts in your field.

Gordon Gillett


pictureAndrew and I wish to thank you for most enjoyable evening yesterday. We had a great time catching up with you and congratulate you in your 5th year.

Here’s to the next 5 years.

Christine & Andrew McFarlane


pictureJust a short note to thank you both for a very enjoyable and well arranged evening last night. It justly rewarded the amount of extremely hard work which both of you put in to make the evening the undoubted success that it was.

The tenor of Jason’s presentation was just right, putting over a serious message in a very acceptable and easily receptive way.

The representatives of the other financial organizations also made a very succinct contribution.

Well done on an evening well received.

Ian & Patience Smith


pictureMay we thank you for your kind hospitality and warm welcome to your annual get together.

Bill & Mo Mackridge


pictureJust a note to thank you very much indeed for a very informative evening last Thursday. We were delighted to meet with you and your fellow guests.

Gary Proudlock, Partner, Vista Partners LLP


pictureThank you for inviting us to join your Fifth Anniversary Party. The evening was extremely interesting and what excellent speakers including, of course, yourself.

I do think the ‘mafia’ made the evening. They replied to the questions spontaneously and in a very amusing manner. Also they ‘worked the room’ adding to the interest of the evening.

We wish you continued success.

Ron & Margaret Rates


pictureI would like to thank you for inviting Vivien and myself to your soiree last Thursday evening. We enjoyed it immensely and my grandson was very much taken with the London taxi cab and has had many hours of fun with it. As usual the company was good. The food and drink were excellent and we also learned a thing or two about financial matters in these very uncertain times.  What more could we ask. Thank you once again for a splendid evening. 

Brian Munday, Alliance Security Ltd

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