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Welcome to Trentham Invest
Trentham Invest specialises in providing relationship based independent financial advice.
We provide advice on a wide range of financial matters. Our distinction comes through:
our achievement of professional qualifications
high standards
strong commitment to financial planning and customer service
Nicola Downs, business principal and independent financial adviser (IFA) has industry recognised accreditations that place her in the top 5% of UK financial advisers.
Nicola’s reputation for excellence has been recognised beyond the boundaries of the Mole Valley.
“Establishing a business has allowed me to really focus on the importance of building long term relationships with my clients as well as other professional services where synergy exists. My unique ability is ...Questioning everything and assuming nothing in order to get to the heart of the problem, communicating clearly and simply what is possible in a language people understand, with the result that they know they are doing absolutely the right thing and it is exactly what I would do if it were my own money.”
"Thanks to Nicola’s input, I now have a pension plan and structure that deals with most of my concerns. I now have the confidence that the funds are being tended by someone with experience and expertise and who will be proactive in reviewing my pension planning in the future." Graeme Jones, Chasophie Ltd
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Tel: 01306 881999
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Trentham Invest ltd is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority. registration number 218325.
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