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Case Studies

Approaching Retirement - My money is under threat. I need emergency services.

We work with -

People who are in their mid to late 50s, married, with children. Directors of UK companies who earn approximately £150,000 - £250,000 per annum.

Who -

Have several pensions with previous employments and current employer; have bags and files of pensions who have received a pension statement notifying them of a threat that is about to take place on their pension and they need to make a decision in a short timescale to protect their hard earned wealth.

We help them to -

Understand the threats, and then navigate a path to avoid them. We do this swiftly, accurately, planned well, executed well, on time, exactly as promised.

A good example is -

In October 2016, Mr O, aged 62, had accumulated 2 pensions since 1992. He received a notification implying that an existing 35% bonus could be withdrawn at any time, due to current market conditions. He decided he needed to extract his funds from his pensions as soon as possible, but was unsure how to do this in the most advantageous way.

The problem was -

One of the pensions he had accumulated incorporated a large protected tax free cash element, meaning he was entitled to more than the standard tax free sums. If he simply transferred the monies to another pension fund he would lose that entitlement. He also needed to ensure that any funds remaining after tax free cash was withdrawn were both productively invested and easily accessible if required. The options outlined by Equitable Life related only to Equitable Life; they did not show him what else he could achieve elsewhere in the market.

We -

Analysed the pensions in the context of current pension legislation, and compared the benefits that could be achieved by simply moving the funds directly to another pension provider with the benefits that could be achieved by moving the funds in a series of steps designed to fully protect the tax free cash. We drew a diagram to map out the route and way forward. The project was to be undertaken in two phases: first to remove the 35% threat and protect the tax free element, then to release the maximum tax free cash and provide flexibility in the future management of the remaining funds.

As a result -

We removed the risk of a 35% loss, saving £77,000 of his hard-earned investment.

We also ensured that he was able to withdraw £134,803 of protected tax free cash, compared with just £49,500 he would have received if he had simply transferred his fund direct to a different pension provider: an additional £85,303 extra tax free cash as a lump sum. Finally, we ensured that his remaining fund was invested in an accessible, balanced portfolio that suited his expressed risk/reward profile.

A huge 'leg up' on retirement and life goals.

William comments:

It would have been relatively simple to move my funds out of Equitable Life myself: it would also have been very costly indeed, as there is no way I could have been aware of the sequence of transactions necessary to optimise my outcome. Furthermore, the sheer complexity and volume of the paperwork involved, all of which had to be submitted in exactly the right order, meant that the process could never realistically have been implemented by anyone who wasn't a specialist in the field. Trentham Invest were very efficient and professional, while simultaneously friendly and approachable. They went to great pains to explain each step of the process they mapped out so I had a clear understanding of the sequence of events and the (relatively short) timescales involved. All leading to a very satisfactory outcome.

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