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Case Studies

Reducing Inheritance Tax from 40% to just 5%

We work with -

People who are concerned about preserving their estate wealth.

Who -

Have an estate that would reduce significantly in size as a result of a tax charge applied on their death.

We help them to -

Maintain access to their estate at the same time preserving most, if not all, of their estate from inheritance tax.

A good example is -

Mr M, who was 72 at the time, married to Mrs M aged 71 with an inheritance tax problem of 40% of their estate in excess of the 'tax free' limit. They had a plethora of investment vehicles such as ISA's, PEP's, unit trusts and investment bonds. These were a source of income producing assets in their retirement, which was of significant importance to them.

The problem was -

There was no investment strategy, the statements were all written in different formats, income received was sporadic, all of which led to an overwhelming amount of administration. Mr and Mrs M were also in poor health.

We -

Created a strategy to firstly consolidate the investments to an investment supermarket and set up simple systems to minimise the paperwork, provide a regular income and design an investment strategy commensurate with their investment philosophy. Next, we created a schedule of trusts that would reduce the inheritance tax from 40% now to 30% in 3 years and just 5% in 11 years.

As a result -

Mr and Mrs M know exactly where their investments are, they receive a regular income, they are instructing an investment strategy of their choice and most importantly they have a clear plan to reduce their estate tax on death.

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