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Case Studies

Stuck with a pension sharing order? Want a clear path to follow? There is a way forward


  • The sharing order agreed by the court states that a % of my ex husband pension is to be paid to me
  • The pension is already in payment in the way of an annuity and the pension company doesn't recognise sharing orders for pensions in payment
  • I have been to see an IFA who says that I need the original court stamped papers, which I cannot place
  • The paperwork is all so complicated, I am getting conflicting information and I don't know where to start
  • It is 5 years since I was given the sharing order and I am losing income every month
  • Personal cash flow is tight and I could do with the extra financial support
  • In the event of my ex husband's death, I am no longer entitled to any benefit
  • I need to get this sharing order sorted but I am struggling to find an IFA who has the knowledge, wisdom and expertise to get me through.... and who will do the best for me

Wish list

  • I want to get the money from my ex husband pension into my name
  • I want to get the best pension for me
  • I want the pension well away from him; I don't want him knowing about my financial affairs
  • If I die early then I would like the money to go to my family
  • I would like to find an IFA who can take this burden away from me, at a reasonable cost
  • I would like to be kept informed, in plain English, as matters progress
  • I would like all this gobbledegook explained in a language that I can understand

Measurable results

  • Within 2 months after my first meeting with Trentham Invest, the monies were settled into my bank account
  • I have a regular income that allows me to pay my bills each month without worry of going into the red
  • I have also been offered a lump sum as part of the settlement. I have bought my very own PC, which saves me going to the library (with an hour limit every visit) each time I want to check my emails. I have far easier contact with the world
  • In the event of my death, my family will benefit from any unused capital and pension
  • Overall, I am now free from worry and I can finally close this chapter in my life. More importantly I can move on in my life and leave this heavy burden behind
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