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Case Studies

Inheritance Tax is one thing, but beware - there is also Trustee Tax

We work with -

People who are concerned about preserving their estate wealth.

Who -

Have an estate that would reduce significantly in size as a result of a tax charge applied on their death. They may also have health problems or be over age 85.

We help them to -

Maintain access to their estate at the same time preserving most, if not all, of their estate from inheritance tax.

A good example is -

Mr S, who was 87 at the time, widowed and with an inheritance tax problem of £147,000.

The problem was -

He had an investment bond that had not been placed in trust to mitigate the inheritance tax problem. Secondly, in the event of his death the Trustees would have been liable to Trustee tax of 40%.

We -

Created a strategy to firstly mitigate the Trustee tax on Mr S's death and secondly started the '7 year clock'.

As a result -

If Mr S lives 7 years, his IHT problem will reduce from £147,000 to NIL and will also gain a reduction on a reducing sliding scale until that time. More so, he now has an incentive to live!

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