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Nicola Downs is the Director and Independent Financial Adviser. She has built the company on the philosophy of openness and honesty that is so important to her.

Nicola has spent most of her working life in Financial Services and has acquired invaluable experience and knowledge working in the City prior to setting up her business in the Mole Valley. Nicola has specialist qualifications in Corporate and Personal Pensions, Taxation and Trusts, as well as Investment Portfolio Planning. These Industry-recognised accreditations mean Nicola is highly qualified and experienced IFA in the UK.

Unique Ability Statement

My Unique Ability is...

...the drive to find the best and have everything working to excellence, questioning everything and assuming nothing in order to get to the heart of the problem, communicating clearly and simply what is possible in a language people understand, with the result that they know they are doing absolutely the right thing and it is exactly what I would do.

  1. Always relate to client needs and talk to the heart of each person keeping clients at the centre of everything. Preparing to move ideas from theory to concrete practice.
  2. Always communicating with clear statements saying exactly how it is and what has to be done. A straight talker with no nonsense.
  3. Always question everything, including the obvious and assume nothing.
  4. Always getting things done, pressing for action and driven. Proactive with people and situations with a tenacious and determined attitude.
  5. Has to be in control, planning, planning, planning and assessing progress.
  6. Always uses clear language and pictures to illustrate situations.
  7. When analysing, always with detail, accuracy and precision ensuring the right thing; treating other people's money as if it were my own.
  8. A pioneer, visionary and entrepreneurial. Always doing it Nicola's way.
  9. Well prepared with high standards, finding the best, searching out quality and excellence. High expectations.
  10. Every day, living with the belief that cheap works out to be the most expensive; a false economy. Measure everything, waste nothing to underpin the decisions that support good investments in life. Measure three times, cut once, no waste.

My Top 5 Strengths

  1. Activator - turns thoughts into action
  2. Maximiser - seeks to transform something strong into something superb
  3. Relator - enjoys close relationships with others
  4. Belief - has core values that are unchanging
  5. Achiever - hard worker who loves to be busy and productive

What they say...

"From my initial meeting with Nicola 12 years ago, a good working relationship has developed. I have no hesitation recommending Nicola to friends and colleagues. I do this knowing she will provide a knowledgeable first class service." Michael Cross , Miguel X Enterprises Ltd
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