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Nicola Downs

Nicola Downs


Born in Sunderland and educated at the Royal Masonic School for Girls in Rickmansworth.

Passionate about pensions and anything with '£' sign in front of it, straight talking and pioneering, Nicola is renowned for solving complex financial problems.

Nicola Downs

A former tennis champion, outside work Nicola also loves horse riding and running with her dogs Herman and Bentley.

Nicola's Qualifications

FPC - Financial Planning Certificate - (referred to now as: Level 3) Originally developed for financial advisors, to provide a broad based knowledge of key topics for financial planning, this qualification has 3 component parts:

FPC 1 - Regulation and compliance.

FPC 2 - Protection, savings and investment products.

FPC 3 - Identifying and satisfying client needs.

AFPC - (Advanced Financial Planning Certificate) - In order to complete this qualification Nicola had to obtain three units:

1) G60 - Pension (CII) - Enhanced general pension knowledge, particularly in pension transfer and opt out business.

2) G10 - Taxation and Trusts (CII) - Assessed knowledge and understanding of the UK tax system, the law and practice of trusts, but also ability to advise individual clients on the tax treatment of their investments and use of trusts to meet their current and foreseeable futures needs.

3) G20 - Personal Investment Planning (CII) - Assessed knowledge and understanding of investments and an ability to advise individual clients on the construction of investment portfolios to meet both their current and foreseeable needs.

JO4 - Pension Funding Options (CII) - Be able to demonstrate an understanding of the main tax and legal frameworks that govern the accumulation phase of building up retirement benefits under registered pension schemes; features of defined contribution and defined benefit pensions; choices faced by early leavers and use of transfer analysis; state retirement benefits available, including risks and suitability of contracting out of the State Second Pension.

JO5 - Pension Income Options - Be able to demonstrate an understanding of the process of decumulating pensions funds and the main issues for clients and advisers; main choices facing members of pension schemes during decumulation; features, risks and tax treatment of unsecured pension options; features; risk and tax treatment of phased retirement and tax treatment of the alternatively secured pension option.

PFS - Personal Finance Society Diploma - Required attaining at least 140 credits with at least 80 at diploma level. Ability to demonstrate a high level of expertise with specialist knowledge of financial products, providing detailed analysis of financial information and devise solutions to complex financial problems.

Helen Allan

Helen Allan

Financial Controller

Helen is from the county of Cumbria and has recently relocated to Surrey. She brings with her a wealth of experience within Accounting.

Helen's understanding of financial and business control helped elevate her last company from a small business to a multi-million-pound success story. Her no-nonsense approach to financial reporting ensures the company's finances are accurately reported. This will allow Nicola and the team to focus on the continued growth of Trentham Invest.

You can often find Helen and her family at the races - trying to spot potential winners!

Jaimee Gilbert

Jaimee Gilbert

Client Review Manager

Jaimee works in the heart of the client team ensuring Trentham Invest clients have a friendly face to support them at reviews and implementation of agreed ways forward. Jaimee takes Nicola's new ideas and transfers them into something tangible. The combination of paper, pen and technology serves them really well.

Outside Trentham, Jaimee has her hands full with her three year old little girl, Lily. Together they enjoy anything messy and spending time outdoors in the beautiful countryside.

"From my initial meeting with Nicola 12 years ago, a good working relationship has developed. I have no hesitation recommending Nicola to friends and colleagues. I do this knowing she will provide a knowledgeable first class service." Michael Cross , Miguel X Enterprises Ltd
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